Ashford College - Benefits of Mock Interviews
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Benefits of Mock Interviews

At Ashford College, Career Help is available for you throughout the year, and one example of this is with our Mock Interviews. Read below to see some benefits of these and how they can help you.

Meet the Employers!

Our Mock Interviews at Ashford College are normally done by employer links and businesses that we work with. Some of them could even help you through a work placement. Health and Social Care and Early Years T Level students got to meet staff from Fairlawn Residential Short Break Service, who offer a home from home for children and young people who have disabilities. By working alongside them, our students got to hear their experiences of the industry, as well as learn first hand what skills they would need for a placement there. 


Get personalised feedback

By taking part in a Mock Interview, you get the chance to have feedback afterwards there and then, which wll help you grow your skills. You can also talk to the interviewer about what you could do better next time or how you can be more prepared. This is all good practice for a real interview, where you will only get one opportunity to make your mark. 


Grow your confidence

Before you come to College, you may not have had a formal interview before, so this experience is perfect to help you prepare for the real thing. Although it will seem like a real interview and use questions that would be asked by employers, just remember that you are not competing just yet for a real job. By having this experience, you can plan and think about what you would say, and be eased into the interview process. 


Represent yourself

The key to a great interview is not only making sure that you are well prepared and answering the questions, but also that you are just yourself on the day. A Mock Interview can let you think about how you are going to present the best side of you and how interested you are in your chosen industry. You can also think about how you can link in questions to work that you are currently doing etc,


Start your career journey

Although it is a Mock Interview, some employers who take part may be so impressed by you and your interview skills, that they will remember you! This means that when it comes to competing for a work placement, you will already have that connection, and could be one step ahead!


Learn more about our Career Support here, and see how we can help you throughout the year.