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The Ashford College A - Z Guide

Read our A - Z Guide to life and studying at Ashford College below, and see everything that we have to offer. Click on some of the words and see where it takes you...

A stands for....

Ashford - obviously.... this is where we are based!

Access (to HE) - our Access pathway allows those 19+ the chance to get to University if they don't have any formal qualifications. You can read our Access to HE stories from former students (such as Guy and Ellie) on our blog!

Achievement - our students can achieve anything they want at College, both in academic and non-academic ways!

Accounting - this pathway adds on to our Business pathway, and allows you if you are over 19 to specialise in AAT certified courses.

Action - as well as Social Action, you may hear this word a lot around our production studio when our NEW Media pathway starts in September!

Activity - our Enrichment program, as well as events throughout the year, give you lots of activities to do alongside your studies, and YOU get to choose the sorts of things that you do!

Adults - we aren't just a College for those 16 - 18, our Adult Part Time and Short Courses can help you build new skills, make friends or start a new hobby!

Advent - It's now kind of a yearly tradition that at Christmas, our staff and students do a joke advent calendar online. The quality of these jokes is up to you...

ALS - Our Additional Learning Support Hub (known in College as the ALS Hub) is home to our specialist staff who help students who have varying needs. These can include physical, sensory, dyslexia, autism, global learning delay, challenging behaviour and mental health. It is also a space where students affected by these can hang out. 

Art - It's hard to forget our Art courses here, with creativity from our students spreading all over town through projects such as Unframed....


B stands for....

Barbering - focusing exclusively on Men's Hair, this 19+ Pathway will give you the skills you need to break into the industry, whether you have or have not done Hairdressing before. 

Beauty - Want to learn in a real salon environment where you could grow into a career in make-up artistry, salon work, or specialise in an area? Then this Pathway could be for you! 

Bicycle - Just one of the ways you can get to college with our bicycle racks across campus. Our Estates team are always helping our current students look after their bikes, with free bike security marking for example!

Blog - Our Ashford College Blog keeps you up to date with student stories, fun bits of information or reasons how we could help you in particular subjects

Bus - another great way you can get to college by public transport, with the £2 single fare scheme now running until the end of June!

Business - One of the areas that we currently run T Levels in. Our Business courses look in depth at what makes a business stand out, alongside dedicated professional work experience through companies such as Champneys.


C stands for...

Careers - Regardless if you know or don't know what you want to do in the future, our Careers Officer Tom will give you the best guidance and advice possible for you to decide what your future holds. We also host an annual Careers Fair where you can speak to business and local groups about the jobs they offer. 

Catering - learn to how cook and gain amazing culinary skills, whilst working in our professional kitchens and through varied work experience and events throughout the year!

Charlton Athletic - Our Football team works with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust, who provide us with football coaching and training, as well as the chance to play at their stadium for competitions.

College - what we are! A place where you can learn and truly be yourself, through projects, enrichment and unique opportunities.

Community - as well as our College Community, we also focus on this with social action and by joining in Community led projects. We also have two Community Weeks every year where this is our main focus across all departments. Examples of our  recently hosted local Veteran's for a Remembrance Day Lunch

Competition - We love a competition/contest here at Ashford College, as they give our students key experience and the chance to proudly show off all their work. Recently our Hair and Beauty students won big in the KFE4Skills23 Finals!

Computing - One of our T Level subjects, Computing here will give you the skills to make it in any part of the industry. Companies such as Ubisoft have even come in to speak to and guide our students on this Pathway.

Culture - Ashford College's student community is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. To celebrate this, last year we held a Celebration of Culture event thanks to our Student Union, and it was so successful we now hold one every year!


D stands for....

Decals - You may have seen our Jubilee Decals currently at Ashford International Station, which were designed by us in collobartion with community groups, charities and schools from the local area. You can't miss them if you catch a train from there!

Digital Production, Design and Development - Our T Level in Computing, which will equip you with the cutting-edge skills, knowledge and industry experience you need to start your journey in a range of creative tech jobs! This 2 year course allows you to study alongside a 45 day work placement, as is equivalent to 3 A Levels!

DJing - our Music students love to bring out the DJ decks at most of our events, and you could even follow in their talents with our Music Short Courses!

Donation - for student's social action projects, they often like to donate and fundraise for local causes. Recent examples include the Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary, Ashford Garden Cattery and Railway Children!

Drag - we believe that every student should be able to express themselves however they wish. We recently went along with student Grant to see him perform at Canterbury's Drag Show, and he has credited Ashford College for giving him the confidence to do stuff like this.


E stands for....

E-Hub - Headed by Katie and her amazing team, our E-Hub is a place for you to study as well as find a wealth of resources to help you with your studies. The E-Hub team are avaliable during College hours and can you help you with coursework, as well as any issues you are facing regarding your studies.

Early Years - A fast growing sector in the UK - our courses (including a T Level) get you to develop the communication and professional skills that are needed to work in Early Years' environments.

Electrical - Our courses in this offer a series of practical projects, modules of study, specialist work experience and more which will prepare you for future work in this specialism.

Engineering -  Engineers are practical, creative, problem solvers, and our Engineering Hub opening as part of Phase 2 will allow you to build the skills you need for this vast and varied industry.

English - Didn't get your English GCSE at school? Study towards it alongside your vocational studies if you're 16 - 18, or if you're 19+ you can do our specialist evening course.

Enrichment - our Enrichment program takes place on Wednesday afternoons and gives you the chance to learn new things, like DJ skills, Football, Open Mic Karaoke and many more!

ESOL - "English for Speakers of Other Languages" - Our courses in this allow those who want to build on their English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills the chance to do so.

Events - We love a good event here at Ashford College! From our Freshers Fayres to welcome you into College to our Student Awards to reward your successes, there is always something happening all year round!


F stands for...

Facilities - our campus has a wide range of labs, classrooms, industry standard equipment and computer labs for you to be able to study in and get to where you want to go. Ashford College currently has an on-site recording studio, Hair and Beauty salons, industry grade kitchens amongst other great facilities, and we will have an Engineering Hub in Phase 2. 

First Aid - learn this great skill with the help of industry trainers on our Enrichment program. You never know when this will come in handy. First Aid is also taught on our Health and Social Care courses. 

Freshers Fayre - our first big event of the academic year, designed to help you get the most out of your first few weeks with us! Meet local businesses who will help you along your career journey, as well as take part in exciting activities and games designed to help you make new friends and meet your classmates. 

Football - another big part of Enrichment, our Football team have played at stadiums not just in Kent, but have also played in Charlton Athletic! They are also coached by Charlton at points throughout the year.

Fun - a big part of being a student at Ashford College. We hope this can be shown through our various events and enrichment. 

Fundraising - part of our social and community action, our students have been working really hard this year to support local charities and great causes. 


G stands for...

Gardens - Our College is next to some beautiful gardens, located in the heart of Ashford Town Centre. Why not explore the town at Lunch and make the most of our green spaces?

GCSE - If you don't have your English and Maths GCSE when you come to College, you can study these alongside your vocational courses. If you are 19+, we also run GCSE Evening Maths and English classes for you.

Green - we aim to be a sustainable College as well as across the EKC Group. With our new Phase 2 development, we are investing in sustainable technology to help de-carbonise the Engineering industry.

Group - our College is part of the EKC Group, which runs other Colleges across Kent, helping you get the most out of your education with a variety of opportunities.


H stands for...

Hairdressing - Learn skills from the best in our industry standard salons, from taking part in contests such as the KFE Finals to going to industry shows like Salon International. Be a "cut above the rest" and start your Hair career here. 

Health and Social Care - Our full time courses in this area introduce you to knowledge, skills and best practices required for the care industries. Our part time courses on this pathway are aimed at adults who already work in the industry and wish to expand their qualifications, or those who want to gain access to the industry.

Here at Last - this boyband perfomed for us in the autumn, and gave students their tips about Mental Health and their experiences for International Men's Day. You may have heard their music featured on national radio!

HNC - Our Higher National Certificate programmes are equivalent to the first year of a uni degree, and will give those 19+ specialist skills for the construction industries. 


I stands for....

Inclusivity - At Ashford College, we are open to all students, and want you to be able to learn in a place which lets you be yourself. 

Industry - our courses (especially T Levels) give you the skills that you need to get into industry. This could be through great work placements as part of your course, or by building practical skills through enrichment. 

Innovation - we are always aiming to come up with new ideas to benefit your education and your future. By joining Ashford College, you will study in a College that puts you first and will listen to your ideas! Our Celebration of Culture was started last year by our Student Union and has now become a group-wide annual event. 

Interest - whatever your interests upon applying for College, there is sure to be something for you. As an example, if you like Video Gaming, you can go into different areas of the industry with our Art, Computing, Media or Music pathways! Read about Ubisoft's talk to our students on our website.


J stands for...

Journey - At Ashford College, you will undertake many journeys during your time here, such as the journey to your end goals like an Apprenticeship or through a T Level work placement. You will also take part in a skills journey and grow your skills and strengths during your time here, with our Enrichment and Events throughout the year. 


K stands for...

Kent - The county where we are, as well as our other Colleges in the EKC Group. Outside College, there are lots of opportunities in Kent for you, which we utilise to give you a great education.

Knowledge - one of the reasons you come to College! At Ashford, you will learn the best and most up-to date skills on your course, thanks to our staff who have worked in industry, as well as our excellent facilities. Guest speakers and companies also link with us so that you get their knowledge they have gained over the years. 


L stands for...

Lectures/Lecturers - The theory parts of your course are delivered in lectures which aim to be fun, exciting and let you learn things that you can then put to a practical level in placement or lab sessions. Our Lecturers have lots of experience in their industry, helping you to be as successful as you can be, whatever your goal. 

Local - Being a College that focuses on the community, we like to go out into the local area and help those who need it, as well as charities and business. 


M stands for...

Mac - our Mac computer suites provide you with the software needed to excel in your Media, Music or Art courses!

Management and Administration - our Business T Level, which will equip you with the cutting-edge skills, knowledge and industry experience you need to start your journey in a range of business careers. This 2 year course allows you to study alongside a 45 day work placement, as is equivalent to 3 A Levels!

Maths - Didn't achieve your Maths GCSE in Year 11? Study for this alongside your vocational pathway if you are 16 - 18, or study on our evening course if you are 19+. 

Media - Our Media pathway brings you exciting new opportunities in an ever-growing industry. Develop specialist skills and stand out in the field, gaining practical experience you can't get anywhere else. Media at Ashford will expand in the future with the development of Newtown Works and the Film School.

Music - Whether it be in our on-site recording studio, in our computer labs or at a College event, this Pathway allows you to get a range of the creative, technical and essential employability skills required for a successful career in this industry.


N stands for...

New - there is always something new going on at College, whether it be a new course, new enrichment, or new opportunities for our students. You can keep up to date with what is new and happening at Ashford College through our news page. Why not read today about how students met Ashford's Mayor Cllr Jenny Webb at our Celebration of Culture?


O stands for...

Online - in the wider EKC Group, we don't just offer courses in person. Our EKC Training unit lets you do a range of online courses which can help you benefit your future, such as English, Maths, ESOL and vocational options like Health and Social Care.

Open Day - your chance to explore your options, tour our campus, learn more about our facilities and see our courses in action! Open Days at Ashford College happen throughout the year, and are open to all, no matter your thoughts about your future. Why not sign up for our next one today?

Outside - our College has great green space at the back, as well as being next door to the town centre. Make sure you make the most of this in the summer!


P stands for...

Part-Time - we offer a range of Part-Time courses which run during 1 day or 1 evening a week throughout the year. Examples of our current Part-Time offering include our English and Maths GCSE courses, Health and Social courses designed for industry, or our CAD (Computer Aided Design) Engineering courses. 

Partners - as part of our educational offering, we work with partners including local business and industry experts to engage with our students. If you want to work with us at Ashford College, just contact us and we will see what we can do for you. 

Pathways - these are what we call our subject areas, and these are designed to help you get on the "pathway" you choose in the future. No matter what subject you pick, you will gain key employability skills and personal skills which will let you progress onto a career, higher education, an apprenticeship or anything else you desire.

Phase 2 - our new build which is happening at the back of the College. This is set to bring in new facilities, such as labs, classrooms, student spaces and an Engineering Hub, which will allow students, staff and local employers the chance to develop using our industry standard technology. Phase 2 also holds room for 250 more students, meaning we can expand our educational offering and your experience at College.

Plumbing - on this Pathway, we offer a wide selection of courses covering the in-depth skills and knowledge you need for future careers. 

Progression - at Ashford College, we are focused on progression of you over the 2 years you study with us (if you are 16 - 18), as well as a progression of your skills and of our courses and equipment. Our new T Levels are expanding year after year, with 4 set to run from September 2023. (Business, Computing, Early Years and Engineering). Our Student Progression Mentors also help those who may need extra support in College.


Q stands for...

Questions - no question is a stupid question here at Ashford College. Our College Services Team are here to help and support you no matter if you are looking at college or are already studying! Contact us at anytime via our live chat, email or phone. Details are on the top of our website above.


R stands for...

Radio - our Music students have had the chance to be featured on the radio as part of their course, discussing what they like about the music industry, and where they want to go in the future. As part of our work around GCSE Results Days, our students and staff have also appeared on KMFM in their Hit List GCSE Surgery, advising those who have just got GCSE Results. 

Results - taking place in the summer at our College campus, our Results Days have brought lots of joy to students in the past. Our support team are also all there on the day in case you don't get the results you want or have additional questions. We also normally run drop in sessions for those in Year 11 on GCSE Results Day, so that you can come in and get the answers you need after you get your results.


S stands for...

Salons - did you know that our Hair and Beauty salons are open to the public? If you want to treat yourself at a better than industry price or want to help our students go ahead with their talents in the future, contact the salons today!

Schools - as a Further Education College, we work with Primary and Secondary schools in our local area to help teach them about what College can bring them in the future, as well as allow them to explore their options. 

Skills - no matter what area the skills that you want to develop are in, we will help you achieve these skills at Ashford College. 

Student Union - The Ashford College Students' Union represents your voice and is there to ensure your College experience is great. Roles are elected for in the summer, with our 1st year students campaigning to become part of something bigger in their 2nd year. These roles are then open to new 1st years in the September if they aren't filled.

Study - as well as having a great Student Experience through work placements, trips, events and enrichment in the year, being at Ashford College means studying with a really great education. You will be able to learn the skills you want and get to where you want to go. 


T stands for...

T Level - a new type of course for those 16 - 19, a T Level is designed to give you the skills you need to go into your industry of choice. These are equivalent to 3 A Levels, so they ca also get you into University, and will involve you studying alongside a 45 day work placement! We currently offer these in Business, Computing, Early Years and Engineering for the next academic year. 

Talks - on your course, you can take part in a variety of industry talks that will help you learn about aspects of your chosen industry and give you the chance to network. We have hosted companies such as Jenner, Ubisoft, Revlon and Nationwide in the past!

Teaching and Education - expanding on our Early Years courses, this pathway is aimed at those 19+ who  wish to enhance their employability in a number of educational settings, including post-compulsory education.

Teamwork - at Ashford College, you will become part of a big and wide student community, and will have the opportunity to work in big teams as part of big projects. Whether this is on your course, through enrichment or through other extra-curricular activities is up to you!


U stands for...

Unframed - one of Ashford's latest and biggest community projects that we have been involved with! Ashford Unframed is a collection of 16 murals across the town, showcasing local and national artists and brightening up buildings and empty spaces in our area. Our Art students created one of these by the station, whereas our Photography students created one on display right outside the college. Originally displayed for 2 weeks, these are now staying permanently!

Unique - We take pride on just how unique and varied experiences that a student here can here. Whether they do work placement with big employers alongside their course, or help learn key skills with a new community event, every day here is different!

University - just one of the destinations that you can go onto after studying any of our vocational courses as a 16 - 18 student. This includes T Levels, which are equivalent to 3 A Levels and are accepted by over 150 Universities in the UK. If you are 19+ and don't have the grades required to go to University, you can study our one year Access to HE (Higher Education) pathway. We also offer English and Maths alongside 16-18 vocational courses or as evening courses for those 19+. 


V stands for...

Vocational - our courses are all vocational, and allow you to focus on the subject area that you are most interested in. If you have a passion that you really want to follow, or want to learn in a different way, come visit us at an Ashford College Open Day!


W stands for...

Winning - just one of the things we do across our courses is take part in competitions, so that our students get to show off their achievements and how far they have come on our courses. In the recent KFE4Skills Finals, our Hair and Beauty students came 1st across a number of categories!

Winter - with every Winter comes another Christmas, and we really get into the festive spirit here, with our Advent Joke Calendar, as well as a certain elf on the shelf causing chaos around College!


X stands for..

(E)Xperience - Whether its work experience or student experience, studying at Ashford College will give you a great experience! Boosting your skills for the future, as well as providing you with fun memories? What could be better than studying here! You can see what a great year our students have had so far on our Events and Enrichment page. Apply today and get more out of your learning.


Y stands for...

You - Ashford College is for you, and studying here will open up to you a whole new range of possibilities? Not sure if you can go onto University? Come here and we can change that! Not sure what skills you need to get into your future career? Come here and we can help you! Hear from some students on our blog about their experiences. 


Z stands for...

Zzz - what you can do when you relax after completing your application to Ashford College! You can of course apply for us anytime before September to start in the next academic year (or whenever depending on Part Time/Short courses) but it's best to get your application in as soon as you can!


Now that you've seen what Ashford College stands for, why not explore college for yourself at our next O-pen Day?