Ashford College - Ashford College Student Awards 2022
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Ashford College Student Awards 2022

For the first time since 2019, we held our annual Student Awards ceremony and celebrated the hard work of all our students.

Our annual Student Awards for 2022 were held on Friday (24th June) in order to recognise and celebrate all the hard work and achievements that our students have done throughout the year. We were able to hold this ceremony for the first time since 2019 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which made it really special for our students to come together and celebrate themselves in person. 

Awards were on offer for various categories, and the nominees had been chosen by staff and fellow students. There were various categories which included Pathway Champions for each of our Pathways that we run, Principal's Champions for those who our Principal, Susan Bonett, felt deserved special recognition, and our Student Union Champions who have put in hard work with the Student Union this year. 

Some of the students that received awards this year and were able to collect them in person include...

  • Harrison - Engineering Pathway Champion (for representing the college in a professional manner during visits from external guests, and for getting into University to carry on his Engineering journey next year)
  • Tim - Art and Design Pathway Champion/Student Union Champion (for being a key part of the student union this year and assisting with events such as the Archbishop's visit, and giving a clear focus on art projects like our Affordable Art show)
  • Guy - Access to HE Pathway Champion (for juggling his course and all his college work alongside his job, as well as putting in consistent effort throughout the year) 
  • Gabby - Maths Champion (for being dedicated to achieving her Maths GCSE and never giving up/making significant growth throughout the year)
  • Poppie - Social Action Champion (for representing the Catering department at events throughout the year and making a positive contribution to the local community, including at the Headcorn BBQ where over £9000 was raised!)
  • Pharrell - Student Union Champion (for being a key part of the student union this year/becoming Student Union Vice President for next year!)
  • Harriet - Principal's Champion (for working incredibly hard across the years she has been at Ashford College studying her HNC course)

Harrison collecting his Engineering Champion Award from our Head of Building Services and Engineering Gordon Paine


Guy receiving his Access to HE Pathway Champion Award


Harriet collecting her Principal's Champion Award from our Principal Susan Bonett


After our Student Awards ceremony, we held an afterparty for our students to celebrate the end of the academic year in style. DJ's provided a great mix of music both new and old for our students to move to, and we had a great selection of food provided by our Catering staff. Students turned up in style to this in their best formal outfits, with some even arriving in fancy cars like Bentley's!

As well as recognising our students and their impact, we recognised a few of the people who without their help, this ceremony would not have been possible. These members of staff were Megan Waller our Student Experience Officer, (who set up and organised this event), Jacqueline Apps, our Chef Lecturer (who provided food for the ceremony and helped with locating and securing the venue), and Deej Trigg our Music Lecturer, (who also helped with organising the ceremony and booking our DJ's).

Special thanks goes to the Ashford Railway Club for being our venue for the night, and to All Things Events for creating amazing balloon displays and a balloon wall for the students to act as our student photo backdrop.