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Ashford College goes to Salon International

Going to Salon International is just one of the many experiences that we give to our Beauty, Barbering and Hairdressing students. Learn more below!


Salon International is an annual professionals-only exhibition that enables both salon professionals and those learning in the industry, the chance to network, learn and discover what is new on the market and the trends to look out for. This year, Ashford College went along with our Barbering and Hairdressing students, so that they could see what skills they can develop over their studies with us, as well as gain an idea of where our courses can take them in the future. As part of this year's event, the Professional Beauty London Exhibition (a similar event focusing on Beauty treatments) was run alongside, allowing our Beauty students to also come along and learn with us!


Taking place in the London Excel centre, there were hundreds of stalls run by industry professionals, large beauty brands and course providers. Accompanied by staff members Zoe, Kevin and Sarah from our Hair and Beauty pathways, students got the chance to walk around all day and engage in many activities such as trying out haircare treatments, networking with those in the industry and seeing what products stand out in the market.


Key Highlights and Presentations of the day included a fashion show held by Moroccanoil (focusing on how their ranges makes an impact on everyday wear), Crazy Color hair demonstrations (stunning audiences with their wide range of colour treatments), and Barbering presentations by Wahl Professional and Modern Barber. This really showcased to the students just how vast the haircare and beauty industries can be, and that with this choice of course there is no limit to where they can go in the future. We also bumped into students from our Group's Dover and Sheppey colleges as well as Revlon Professional Rio. Rio came into college a few weeks ago to demonstrate to Hair students how best to use the new Revlon Magnet range, which is now being used in our on-site salon!


Our students got so much out of this day, not just in the connections and skills that can be transferred to our own salons, but also in terms of freebies. These ranged from everyday items such as branded pens and ring lights for phones, to hair and beauty products like shampoo samples and nail polish which can be used in practice sessions with our salon doll heads and nail sets. 


If you are thinking of starting out in the Hair and/or Beauty industry, why not come along to our next Open Day and see what we have to offer. As you can see, our learning gives you an incredible range of options for your future and will let you develop the skills you need and want. Pre-register here for an Open Day.