Ashford College - Ashford College celebrates the Jubilee!
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Ashford College celebrates the Jubilee!

How did we celebrate the Jubilee?

We have been celebrating the Jubilee in a variety of ways this week, both inside and outside the college, bringing us and our community closer together.

Jubilee Crown Contest

Over the past two weeks we have been encouraging staff and students to enter our design competition and design crowns for the Jubilee. Yesterday at our Jubilee Party was judging time and the standard of crowns did not disappoint! Health and Social Care got every single student to write a card relating to them, which was then put onto the department's finished crown. This gave the students who didn't have time to create a crown the chance to still partake in this contest. Hairdressing using their model heads from the Salon to present the crowns, and used lots of fake hair to decorate. The Music department had a bit of a twist and decided to team up with Art and Design students and use their facilities, creating traditional style crowns/headbands based on characters from the Mario and Star Wars franchises. 

This was a really fun way to end our Jubilee celebrations and really enabled our students to put their skills to use in areas that they may not have had a chance before. Special thanks goes to our Assistant Principal Alexandra for coming up with this idea and really enabling the students to achieve!

Our Jubilee Crown Contest winners with their crowns and prizes. 

The winners were as follows:

Best Individual Crown (Students): Ben with his Princess Peach crown.

Best Individual Crown (Staff): Jo our College Services Manager with her 70 years crown.

Best Community Related Crown: Jane our Programme Director of Business with her crown based on all the Fundraising Business have done over the past year!

Best Department/Pathway Crown: Health and Social Care for their amazing effort and involving every student on that pathway!

Best Community Crowns: Music/Creative students for coming together as a big team and sharing the same theme in great detail.

Jubilee Party/BBQ

During our crown contest was also our Jubilee Party and BBQ filled with great music and even greater food provided by our Catering department. Due to winds and rain, the decision was made to move the BBQ inside, and to use our catering cooking facilities instead. The students and staff in our Catering pathway made sure that everything else went exactly to plan, and we had many happy students and staff who were able to really celebrate. 

Catering staff and students running the Jubilee BBQ.

If you are interested by all the hard work that our catering department does, why not read more about our Catering pathway here?

Ashford Tree Trail

We also have taken part in Ashford's Tree Trail, where people over the Jubilee weekend will walk around Ashford and see lots of different trees designed to celebrate the Jubilee. Our art and design students have designed ours, using a variety of red white and blue decorations, mainly from recycled materials. Our tree is currently located in the main college entrance to the left of reception, and can be seen from street level through the main window. We are stop 25 on the official map, and can't wait for you to see our tree in person, as well as the 29 others around Ashford. 

Our tree for Ashford's Tree Trail during the design phase - follow the trail this weekend to see the finished product!

You can find out more about the Ashford Tree Trail on the official website, including a full map of the trail: running between 2nd and 5th June. Click here!

Ashford International Station Decals

Finally on Friday we unveiled our project with Kent Community Rail Partnership at Ashford International Station. The decals in the main walkway of the station have been the same for years, and it was decided that they should be freshened up to celebrate the Jubilee. Leading this project with Kent CRP, we involved and encouraged local schools and groups to design a decal representing them. Over 26 other groups took part in the designs, of which 19 attended the decal unveiling ceremony on Friday.  making the station a lot more bright and colourful. The students from the primary schools involved were very excited by the unveiling, having the chance to tear down the paper covers and show off their decals themselves. They were all very happy to see their designs come to life. 

Our Assistant Principal Alexandra showing off Ashford College's Jubilee Decal. 

One of the schools who attended on the day was East Stour Primary, who is one of our EKC Schools Trust Primary Schools. As a family of schools, colleges and business units, EKC Schools Trust and it's sister organisation EKC Group are committed to raising the aspiration of all within the communities we serve. It was great to work with East Stour on this project and to have a great impact on Ashford. After the ceremony, the college hosted a lunch for all 140 attendees on our campus. Catering came up with a menu perfect for adults and children, and once again ensured that the event ran smoothly! What a way this was to celebrate the Jubilee (and the end of term)!

Whatever you are doing for the Jubilee this bank holiday weekend, we hope you have a lot of fun - and we hope you will be able to see our work celebrating this somepoint soon!