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Alice - Midwife in the Making

Alice chose our Access to HE (Healthcare) course as she wanted to be a midwife, which she is now on her way to doing so, thanks to getting into the university of her choice to study further. Hear her story below.

Why did you join Access to HE at Ashford College?

"I did the Access course for Healthcare professions, as I wanted to be a midwife. I thought it was the best route I could take so once I found out that Ashford was doing this course, I applied as it was so close to home which for me was very handy. 


What subjects did you most enjoy on the Access to HE courses?

In the Access course, I think I found sociology the most interesting, just learning about the world, and how unequal it is. It definitely opens your eyes and I think it will make me a better healthcare professional, just having that wider view on the world. Biology was good too as my university course will be more focused on that, so it’s good to get an understanding beforehand.


What was your best achievement during your time on our Access course?

Getting a distinction on my IAS (Independent Academic study), was my best achievement at Ashford College. It's a project in which you're meant to start in September and do an hour every week until May so it does take up a lot of time, but it's worth double the credits. Getting that grade was a big moment, as all that anxiety about wondering how its going to go was all worth it when I received that result as its worth 2 distinctions. Getting my place in university was also a massive relief. My first offer was in January and it really made me think more about how we’re doing the Access course for a reason. Our group was really supportive throughout the year as Access had two different groups where lessons were separate, but at breaks and lunches we would talk to each other in such a supportive way and it was such a nice atmosphere to be in.

Speaking of support, the teachers here are absolutely amazing and were very supportive people. Lisa (Access), Jane (Access), Helen (Health and Social Care) and Katie (E-Hub Coordinator) in particular were so helpful. Them being our teachers just played such a massive part in how our grades were because of how amazing they were.

We started doing our UCAS applications in November, the deadline was January but Lisa was insistent we get it done earlier and was supportive along that way. This was 100% a  good thing especially as navigating that whole process can be quite difficult. We had an hour a week doing that on a Wednesday, as well as interview prep and interviews after which we then got our places. I'm now going to university to be a midwife so this has opened up massive doors for me. If it wasn’t for this course I wouldn’t be having this career goal that I thought was impossible. 


What advice would you give to those wanting to do Access or adult education but think it's too late?

If you're thinking of doing Access at Ashford College or looking into adult education, I would say just go for it and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. There was a lot of parents, and now in my university course there’s a few people 50+ who are now wanting to become a midwife so it’s never too late. If people are thinking about wanting to be in the healthcare profession then just apply for Access. The scariest thing I did was pressing the apply button to do this course. The anticipation of doing it is much scarier than the actual course. What have you got to lose? Nothing. It’s one of the most challenging things you could do but it’s very rewarding."

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