Ashford College - Afghan women get pamper sessions at Ashford College
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Afghan women get pamper sessions at Ashford College

College students got a chance to meet and chat with women from another culture as they dished out pamper sessions and free childcare to Afghan nationals.

In a four-day event running from Monday to Thursday last week, Ashford College invited women living in temporary accommodation at an Ashford hotel to visit and get a makeover.

Their children also got to enjoy the on-site crèche and were given toys to keep, donated by the Ashford College community. Warm clothes were also given out to the visitors.

The 20 women are among those waiting to be permanently rehoused elsewhere in the UK following their evacuation from their home country after its Taliban takeover.

The experience proved an immensely fruitful one for students, staff and visitors alike.

Ashford College Principal Susan Bonett said: “We are very pleased with the success of the project; it is so good to see our inclusion ethos working in practice.

“We are committed and look forward to continuing to offer activities and support for the evacuee community in the new year.”