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Tutors and Mentors

Student Progression Mentors support full-time learners in their personal development, enabling them to become independent learners who enjoy their time at the College and reach their full potential.

Individual support and guidance

We have a tutorial system so that every student receives the individual support and guidance they need to recognise and achieve their full potential.

Student Progression Mentors

A student who is perceived to need extra support with pastoral issues will be referred to the Student Progression Mentors. Students are also able to self-refer if they feel they would like to talk to someone about any issues they are having. We encourage all learners to approach our staff with any concerns they might have. We would also encourage parents, carers and guardians to contact a Student Progression Mentor if they have any concerns regarding a young person’s wellbeing.

Reviewing progress

Parents, carers and guardians will also receive progress reviews and the opportunity to attend at least two Parent/Carer/Guardian Evenings a year (the dates of which will be published at the start of the academic year).

Each student will have a minimum of three formal review sessions every academic year. These reviews consider attendance, attitude to work, participation in class and work record, amongst other factors. Written progress reviews will be issued to the student and their parents/carers/guardians.