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Enrichment and Events

At Ashford College, we do a lot of enrichment for students and events. See what's coming up for students and what has happened this year!

Ashford College has a big focus on student enrichment and events. This allows the students to maybe try things that they wouldn't get the opportunity to do elsewhere, or experience other cultures, or even just have a fun day out. Some of the enrichment activities we do here are relevant to the Pathways that the students have chosen, and some are not. We have done a lot so far this year!

By enrolling at Ashford College, you join our Students' Union, which gives you the chance to have your say on what events we do in the future. Read more about the Ashford College Students' Union here. In the video below, you can hear from our Student Experience Officer Ciaran about the experience of Ashford College.


What have we done throughout 2022/2023?

For the academic year 22/23, we have done so many events and allowed students lots of opportunities for their enrichment. These include....


Students and Ashford's Mayor dancing at our Celebration of Culture 2023



Ashford students took part in the Canterbury College (part of our EKC Group) Drag Show



We competed against the rest of the EKC Group, as well as MidKent College and North Kent College in the KFE4Skills Finals.



Students do charity work throughout the year!



Trips across our departments help students to learn more!



Everyday at College is different, but always a lot of fun!



We have stuff in the pipeline for 2023/2024 that we are really excited to talk about! 

If you are interested about college life, you can still apply for this September, or come to our Open Days later in November.

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