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Pathways are made up of courses focused on future careers or further education opportunities

Whether you're looking to become more proficient with IT skills or looking to make a career in this ever-growing sector, we have the course for you. Our expert tutors are working on the cutting-edge of technology and studying with them will mean that you'll be prepared for any new technologies and coding languages that come along in this ever-changing media landscape.

Our Computing courses start with the basics and move up to the skills you'll need to make a success in a computing career. These courses will allow you to develop your communication skills, logical thinking, time management and independent research.

For Computing we offer one T Level, which is Digital Production, Design and Development. The T Level consists of 80% classroom-based learning and 20% on the job learning (in a 45-day work placement). We also have excellent working relationships with employers across our local area, enabling us to place learners with a range of high quality providers close to their home for their practical workplace experience. Learn more about T Levels here.



Careers in this industry are of a wide variety, and are dependent based on your skillset and what specialised area you want to go into. Just a few example of careers you could go into include...

  • Games Developer
  • Forensic Computer Analyst
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Technician
  • Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Manager
  • Web designer.


On our Computing pathway, we have worked with lots of external partners over the years. This gives our students experience, and they can see what happens in the Computing industries in great detail. This also allows our students to ask questions and be given great advice by those with years of experience. We are also able to place our learners with a range of high quality companies close to their home for their practical workplace experience.

We are improving our relationships with these partners significantly with our T Level course in Digital Production, Design and Development. Students will take part in a 45 day work placement with a local employer, really giving them the experience they need to break into the industry. Learn more about T Levels in general here.


Career Prospects

Example: IT engineers

 Annual pay
£14,560 - £33,280
Annual pay is per year, based on full-time employment and on the South East region.

Across the UK the workforce is projected to contract by -13% over the period to 2027, losing -4,905 jobs. In the same period, 48% of the workforce is projected to retire, creating 17,939 job openings.

Role description

IT engineers install, maintain and repair the physical components of computer systems and equipment.

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Our entry requirements allow any student to apply enrol and progress in their studies with us to achieve their full potential.

You will apply for your chosen pathway and at the interview you can discuss what entry criteria you need for each level.

Once you have your GCSEs we can ensure you are enrolled on the best level for you to progress and succeed at College.

Please see our Group entry requirements

What's next?

Step 1 - Apply

Once you apply, you will have an interview to discuss your chosen pathway

Step 2 - Interview

We will contact you with appropriate options for conducting your interview, either online or in person.

At your interview, we will discuss the entry requirements for each level and course. It is also your opportunity to make sure that the pathway meets your goals and ambitions.

Courses at Ashford College

If you know exactly which course and level you need to apply for, or want more information, please select from the options below:

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Our advice and guidance team can be contacted to help you understand your next steps at College.

Courses at Ashford College

If you know exactly which course and level you need to apply for, or want more information, please select from the options below:

Why people love Computing

Innovative Staff

Innovative Staff

One of our Computing Lecturers, David Mincer, won our STAR Award for Innovation this year. Over the 21/22 academic year, he has brought a whole range of new ideas to add detailed knowledge to our Computing pathway, which has really impacted our current students for the better!

Specialist Knowledge

Specialist Knowledge

In Computing at Ashford, you can learn in lots of specialist areas so that when it comes to the next step of your education or further study, you will have a better understanding of what it is that you would like to do. 

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

In Computing, there are many activities you can get involved with outside your classes that will allow you to develop your skills and have fun at the same time. Some of our Computing students and staff this year have set up a dedicated Video Games club where you can practice your skills on Nintendo Switches and Xbox's. 

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