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Art and Design


Pathways are made up of courses focused on future careers or further education opportunities

We offer creative courses in Art & Design and Photography, including Full-Time, Part-Time and short courses. 

Projects undertaken by students include opportunities to work on live assignments and develop practical skills across a range of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, graphic design, mixed-media, textile design, 3D design, photography and digital design. Our own successful summer exhibition gives students a genuine experience of showcasing their artwork to the public, with this year's 'Together' being located in County Square from the 27th June to 1st July. 

We place a strong emphasis on developing employability skills such as presenting ideas, portfolio development and negotiating effectively with potential clients.

All Creative Studies courses are underwritten by the University of the Arts London. A specialist examining body.

UAL is a world-leader in Arts, Design and Communication Education.


By studying Art and Design at Ashford College, you can go onto a wide area of careers in your future using the skills you have learnt.

Examples include...

  • Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Animator
  • Architect
  • Photographer
  • 3D Designer
  • Ceramist 


Our facilities for this pathway at Ashford College are equipped with a mix of new and old technology, allowing you to delve deeper into the history of Art and Design, as well as learn the skills needed for today.

Facilities include...

  • Art studios with lots of wide open space
  • Photography studio with lighting equipment
  • Photography Darkroom
  • Apple Mac computer suites
  • 3D Design modelling studio
  • Ceramic modelling studio


Below is our Art and Design Student Showreel for 2021/22, allowing you to see some of our highlighted pieces from our Art and Design students over the past academic year. These pieces are just a small indication of how creativity and aspiration is allowed to thrive at Ashford College, and each one has been done by a different student, all in different years of study, with different themes as a focus. 

Why not have a further look with our showreel page?


Why people love Art and Design

Art all over Ashford!

Art all over Ashford!

We have lots of projects going on in Ashford which allow our students the chance to proudly show off their skills. A recent example was when we created two indoor murals for 'FlipOut'.

Student Recognition

Student Recognition

Level 3 student Tom won a 'Try Angle' award for his mural at a local community skatepark! Tom said afterwards "It is important to me that my art has meaning and makes a difference."

Annual End of Year Show

Annual End of Year Show

Our annual end of year show gives students the chance to attract a large audience with their work. At this year's show, Lesley Farnborough, County Square's Marketing Manager said "To see so many creative pieces in various formats was amazing and it shows the wonderful young talent we have here in Ashford."

Career Prospects

Example: Photographers, audio-visual and broadcasting equipment operators

 Annual pay
£11,960 - £48,360
Annual pay is per year, based on full-time employment and on the South East region.

Across the UK the workforce is projected to expand by 24% over the period to 2027, adding 20,060 jobs. In the same period, 71% of the workforce is projected to retire, creating 59,812 job openings.

Role description

Workers in this unit group operate and assist with still, cine and television cameras and operate other equipment to record, manipulate and project sound and vision for entertainment, cultural, commercial and industrial purposes.

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What's next?

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We will contact you with appropriate options for conducting your interview, either online or in person.

At your interview, we will discuss the entry requirements for each level and course. It is also your opportunity to make sure that the pathway meets your goals and ambitions.

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