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Annette Bunn


As a member of the Ashford Economic Development Group (AEDG), a Director of RIFT Social Enterprise and a Director of RIFT Accounting, Annette has a wide-ranging background that encompasses banking and business management, development and support. Her career has seen her working with numerous companies over the years, applying her hard-won practical and realistic approach to everything from energetic start-ups to Community Interest Companies. Her expertise is both broad-based and intensive and features the vital first-hand experience of establishing and developing a successful company required to fully understand the need to work on – and not just in – a business.

Away from work, Annette’s other successful and fast-growing projects have included two now-adult children and an unconventionally three-legged cat. Passionate about people, talent and innovative enterprise, she’s excited to have this opportunity to support the college, the community and both new and existing businesses