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Application Guide

There are a number of ways that you can apply for one of our courses:

  • Full time applications
    If you are 16-18 or an adult you will often apply through our Enterprise platform.
  • Part-time applications
    If you are applying for a part-time qualification then you will normally apply via our Enterprise platform
  • Short courses
    If you are applying for a short course you may just be asked to register your interest, purchase your place via Eventbrite or apply via our online application tool. Either way you will be guided through the steps to apply or purchase your course.

Full-time and part-time applications

If you are applying, you may need to register with our Enterprise platform. Enterprise will manage your personal information, applications and interview dates with us and give you control to choose what to apply for, your interview dates and to accept your offers. 

What are pathways?

You will be applying to join a pathway. Pathways are a set of courses that you can progress on to during your time with us.


Visit the College and find the Pathway you are interested in studying or search using our Explore Your Future tool to find the pathway of your choice

Click on the ‘Apply’ button. You will be taken to our Application system, Enterprise.



Alternatively, you can search the pathways at each of our Colleges to find out more.

How to apply

You can apply to join us on a pathway page or, if you would like more information, you can read more detail about the courses in that pathway and then apply.

Looking for a course?

You can also search our courses and apply for an individual course under a Pathway. These are listed underneath the Pathway applu section.

Registering an account

If you already have an account, login, otherwise please register:

Click Register for an Account and complete with your details (*if you are completing this on behalf of a learner ensure you add their details not yours).

Click that you agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Register

(TIP: If the Register button is still greyed out just make sure you have added all the information needed.)

This message should then appear:


Activating your account

Go to your email address inbox and click on the link within the verification email. This will take you back to the application system and confirm your account is activated.

Now, please log into the system.


(Keep your login details somewhere safe as you’ll need them to check your account).

Submitting an Application

Now you have registered you’ll need to sign in.

Your details will be populated from the registration form, meaning you don’t need to enter those details if you make another application.

All you need to do is complete the applicant questions.

Under 18?

If you are under 18 on the 31st August, you’ll need to add your parent/guardian contact details.

We ask you if you have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) if you do please confirm that you do and if you have been through our internal process.

If you do not have an EHCP then just click No I do not have a EHCP

Saving your application

As you work through your application it will automatically save.

You have the option to ‘Save for later’ and it’ll show as not submitted on the ‘My Applications’ page– that is we haven’t received your application and no interview date has been picked by you. 

You can return to your application at any time, submit your application and choose an interview date.

Once you complete the application form, click on ‘Submit’. Then ‘Yes’. 

You will then be given the choice of an interview date – please select a suitable date/time and click on ‘Submit’.

Choosing an interview date

There will be a number of dates available to have your interview with us – select the best for you - please select a suitable date/time and click on ‘Submit’.

Getting ready for your interview

You’ll receive an email confirmation – so do check your emails. Make sure you make a note of the date and time of your interview and check the Attendance Instructions, as some pathways require you to prepare some work ready for the interview.

Your interview date is now saved against your application and displayed on the ‘My Applications’ page.

If you have applied to multiple Colleges and/or Pathways, each application will be displayed in a separate box and each is treated as a separate application.

Need to change an interview date?

Click Change Interview Date… the interview dates page will show. Now choose a new date and click submit

If you need to withdraw your application for a particular course, simply click Withdraw Application.

Your Account

You can check your details within your account; you can edit your details, email address, change your password.

So if you need to change your personal details you can change it here. Click My Account > Choose Edit my personal details