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Public Information

Includes information on our Corporation, the organisation, financial statements and our legal obligations.

Data Protection

EKC Group is committed to ensuring the privacy of any personal data that it processes. We commit to ensuring that personal data is handled, stored and disposed of confidentially and securely.

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Freedom of Information

As a publicly funded body, EKC Group is committed to conducting its business in an ethical and transparent manner.

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Includes public reports, such as Equality and Diversity, Gender Pay Gap and Union Time Facility reporting.

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Includes the public policies for the EKC Group

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Financial Statements

Includes statutory public financial statements

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Public Value Statement

We are committed to providing value to the social, economic, physical and cultural wellbeing of the communities and stakeholders we serve.

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Broadstairs Junior College Policies

  • Absconding Policy - View
  • Admissions Appeals Process - View
  • Admissions Policy - View
  • Attendance and Punctuality Policy.pdf - View
  • Charging and Remissions Policy - View
  • Disciplinary Policy - View
  • Dress Code Policy - View
  • Intimate Care Policy - View
  • Literacy Policy - View
  • Marking and Feedback Policy - View
  • Numeracy Policy - View
  • Parent Carer Contract - View
  • Self Harm Policy - View
  • Sex and Relationships Education Policy - View
  • Statement of Behaviour Principles - View
  • Student Disciplinary Policy - Appendix 1 Professional Learner Behaviour Ladder - View
  • Student Disciplinary Policy - Appendix 2 Rewards and Discipline Process - View
  • Student Disciplinary Policy- Appendix 3 Stage 4 Disciplinary Hearing Process - View
  • Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy - View

Policies for ESF Subcontracted Provision

  • Anti-bribery and Fraud Policy - View
  • Data Protection Policy - View
  • Environmental and Sustainability Policy - View
  • Equality and Diversity Policy - View
  • Records and Retention Policy - View
  • Whistle Blowing Policy - View
  • ESF Specific Subcontracting monitoring record - View
  • Subcontracting Procedure - View
  • Subcontracting Procedure Appendices - View