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Semih Ozyurt

EKC Schools Trust Governor

Sem has been actively involved with East Kent Colleges Group since he was a student at EKC Broadstairs College from 2009 – 2014 as student governor and students’ union president. He is business minded and has a keen interest in start-ups and business in the local area.

A grey map of East Kent, with logos of each of East Kent Colleges Group's Colleges and EKC Schools Trust's primary schools dotted on the locations they are situated in. The East Kent Colleges Group logos shown are: EKC Ashford College, EKC Broadstairs College, EKC Canterbury College, EKC Dover College, EKC Folkestone College, EKC Sheppey College, and EKC Training. The EKC Schools Trust primary school logos shown are, Queenborough School and Nusery, Bysing Wood Primary School, Palm Bay Primary School, Briary Primary School, The Churchill School, Holywell School, and East Stour Primary.