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Luca Fasulo

Student Governor

Luca has been a student at EKC Canterbury College since 2022 and has been appointed as the Students’ Union President after winning an election at the end of his first year. His appointment has given him an insight into the inner workings of both the staff and student body and puts him in a unique position to be able to contribute to the FGB from a mix of perspectives.

He studies Graphic Design and has previously worked in the design industry, as well as fulfilling a role as Student Ambassador prior to his current role. This has given him a wide understanding of the college environment, its students, and even local members of the public that he has met at various events. Suffering from a variety of chronic health conditions, and coming from a mixed ethnic background, Luca aims to be able to speak up for those that are often unheard and provide input from a more niche perspective.

The combination of experience from various parts of life allows Luca to give strong and important feedback from the student perspective as a Student Governor at both the FGB and LCB levels.

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