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Local Governing Bodies

We believe local governance plays an important role in encouraging and shaping the wider learning opportunities and experiences available to children, adding value as we work towards our strategic vision and improvement priorities.

Each school has its own Local Governing Body to carry out these functions through a scheme of delegation. The Local Governing Body reports into the Trust’s Board, which provides overarching strategic guidance for the whole of the Trust.

For more on our schools' governance see below: 


Chair of Governors: Peter Goldsack

For more visit: www.briary.kent.sch.uk/about/the-governing-body 

Chair of Governors: Della Skelton

For more visit: www.east-stour.kent.sch.uk/team/Governors/6/

Chair of Governors: Paul Wilson

For more visit: www.bysing-wood.kent.sch.uk/governors

Chair of Governors: Alan Horton

For more visit: www.holywell.kent.sch.uk/governors

Chair of Governors: Ellie Eales

For more visit: www.palmbay.uk/about/governors