Canterbury College - 10 Creative Career Paths
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10 Creative Career Paths

We take a look at 10 different creative career paths you can take when you choose to study an Arts or Media based course at Canterbury College.

1) Graphic Designer

Whether you’re designing an album cover, creating slick websites or working on product development, you can use your passion for aesthetics, style and design in this career path.

2) Games Development

Video game designers imagine and plan games from scratch. Your inventive skills, outside-the-box problem solving and creativity all come into play as you develop original concepts, layouts and rules.

3) Film Editor

A key component in the Media industry. Working with images, music and dialogue, you develop all components to create the story itself.

4) Marketing Executive

Who says business and creativity can’t go together? Organizations rely on Marketing to deliver innovative solutions and creative ways to market their brand.

5) Sound Engineer

As a sound engineer, your job is crucial in making live performances and studio recordings sound perfect. If you are dedicated to fine detail this could be the career for you.

6) Photographer

From weddings and events to creating fine art photos you can develop your own photography business if you love to be creative and work to your own schedule.

7) Architect

If you have a keen eye for design, innovative ideas and a passion for detail this creative career could be the one for you.

8) Fashion/Textiles Designer

With your original ideas and unique creations you could have the opportunity to work in one of the most stylish global industries.

9) Illustrator

Illustrators produce still drawings for use in advertisements, books, magazines, packaging, greetings cards and newspapers. A great way to earn a living from your creative talents.

10) Videographer

As a videographer, you can have a lot of freedom in your working life, with tonnes of variety in terms of projects. From freelancing corporate videos for top companies to working on film/TV sets - there’s never a dull moment.


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