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We are an expanding organisation and are looking for enthusiastic, skilled and committed individuals to join our body of experienced and motivated teaching staff, many of whom have come from industry.

If you’ve had experience in a particular sector or industry and are looking to change your career direction, try something new or give something back to your community, you may like to consider moving into teaching in the Further Education sector.

You do not necessarily need to have taught but you do need to have a passion for inspiring others to learn.


As part of the new Teacher Academy across the Partnership, we are offering the chance for industry professionals to experience the work of a lecturer through short introduction courses and taster days, to enable people to make informed choices about possible teaching careers within the FE sector.

Open to all

We welcome applications from people with a diverse range of skills and experience and we’re keen to attract and invest in staff that have the ambition, determination and ability to make a positive difference.

Career Prospects

Educational support assistants

Annual pay
Workforce change

The workforce is projected to expand by 12% over the period to 2024, adding 18,448 jobs. In the same period, 34% of the workforce is projected to retire, creating 52,393 job openings.

Role description

Educational support assistants work with teachers to provide one-to-one support for children with particular learning needs.

Common tasks


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