Leaders from some of Kent’s best known businesses joined Group Principal, Graham Razey for lunch at The Yarrow, to find out how the EKC Group is working to deliver the skills needed to ensure our county’s continued prosperity.

The networking and thought leadership lunch kicked off with a presentation from the Bank of England’s regional agent, giving an overview of the market and its opportunities and challenges moving forward. Lively debate followed, with business and political leaders discussing employer needs moving forward, and skills gaps in their sectors.

The event, which was organised by media company Global, had chief executive officers from a wide range of sectors, with travel and tourism, civil engineering, construction and service industries represented.

Graham Razey, Group Principal, EKC Group said: “It was fantastic to have the opportunity to get so many commercial leaders from different sectors in the same place, so that we could discuss how business and education can work in genuine partnership.

“EKC Group is an outward facing organisation, and we’re really keen to drive forward and develop collaborative working partnerships with employers so that we’re helping to ensure skills gaps are filled, and the communities we serve can continue to prosper.

“It was also a wonderful opportunity for us to highlight our four-star hotel, The Yarrow, to business leaders who may not have had the opportunity to visit yet. I received some brilliant feedback from those who attended, which is always great to hear.”